Entitled Millennials

Millennial: the generation born 1981 through 1996  

men s white button up dress shirt
You know, these people.           Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

This kills me. Technically I’m a millennial. I would rather not be. The connotation isn’t the most positive. So much has happened during that long time period–so many changes culturally and technologically–each end of the spectrum seems like different worlds.

I can remember when people didn’t have cell phones.
When there were no computers in regular households.
When you had to wait a week to watch the next episode of your favorite show.

I got my first cell phone at 18 while the tail end of this generation got theirs at 8.
They watched Spongebob, I watched Lambchops.
And if you didn’t live for TGIF on TV, then we’re not the same.

There are definitely millennials who hustle, and there are millennials who are entitled.
Entitled to say what they want when they want.
Entitled to have an opinion on EVERYTHING at ALL times.
Entitled to buy something expensive they can’t afford…

Because they worked hard so they deserve it.

Let’s talk about that: deserve.
Do we really deserve anything? Who makes that decision? Is there a committee…

I hereby grant you deserving rights of that expensive trip you can’t afford that you will put on a credit card and go into debt for (insert booming judge voice).

WE establish if we’re entitled or deserving of something right, so aren’t we always going to give ourselves what we want?

And that’s fine, wish away. But the bigger problem I have is when people complain about their circumstances…

Ugh I don’t have any money.
Ugh I have to work at 8am, that’s like sooo early.
These student loans (that I took out to follow my friends to an expensive school I couldn’t afford) are gonna kill me.
I don’t have a job right now…well, I had a job but I quit cuz they wanted me to do work and that was TOO hard. It wasn’t the right energy for me.

Just because you worked a little tiny bit harder than normal does not mean you deserve a reward. Maybe rewarding young millennials IS the problem.

Kindergarten: here’s a sticker for cleaning up the toys YOU took out
3rd grade: here’s a participation trophy for little league even though you ran in circles on the field chasing butterflies
8th grade: everyone gets a secret valentines cuz we all get everything our hearts desire and you’re never gonna be rejected ever in life
10th grade: I’m not going to use red pen to grade your paper because I don’t want pointing out your mistakes to hurt your feelings
Every reality show: you’re so talented and good looking. You can sing, dance, cook, date…so talented. Sooo amazing!

If you put it in perspective and take the year you actually started working until now, you find it isn’t very long.

Your exertion has been minimal.
Sorry, you don’t qualify for entitlement. Denied.

people resting at bondi icebergs
This speedo wearing grandpa probably worked really hard. Deserved.       Photo by Marley Clovelly on Pexels.com

You know when you deserve something? When you’ve been working for 30 years and want to take a long vacation. I think you deserve that.

You don’t deserve shit if you’ve been working for 5 seconds. Hustle bitch, hustle.
Because if you work really hard now and focus on a long term goal you WILL deserve the things you want later on.

Social Media: Our Fake Truth

We (well, most of us) are more than aware that social media is a farce. People only show what they want to be seen and we have this ridiculous perpetuation of fake celebrity from ‘viral’ posts.

marilyn monroe
Remember when Stars were Stars???Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Remember back in the day when actors were called Stars and they were actual untouchable, glamorous celebrities that you dreamed about becoming? Now everyone is a celebrity–that girl next door posting half naked pictures of herself, that mom going on an Instagram rant, and that rat with a pizza. We’re all celebrities showing our fake truth. 

And I know that some people I follow are unrealistic and their lives aren’t 9-5 desk jobs and they get to prance around in nice clothes, work out all day, and go to parties at night. It’s nice to see that side of life. But I always try to follow the ones who will show you behind the scenes. The ones who show you the un-photoshopped picture right next to the posted one that got 1 million likes. Btw, I didn’t know just how many Photoshop apps there are to doctor your photos right on your phone! If you’re willing to spend money, you can look like a million bucks…even if you don’t have that in the bank!

Recently my husband and I were discussing a girl we just met who we’ve mostly seen on social media. When discussing the event we went to where I was talking to her, my husband said “oh that girl? She wasn’t there”. 

I said “Yes she was. I was talking to her. She was the only other girl”. 

“No, no. That wasn’t her. She was fat” (not the nicest thing, I know, but I’m giving you the real story so excuse him).

“Well no, she’s not exactly fat but, yeah her. And you know what THAT is, buddy? Social Media. You didn’t even recognize her because her profile picture doesn’t even look like her in real life!!!” 

It hit me. Even the ones we think are down to earth are really just faking it. 

And that girl we know, she’s a nobody so imagine what the truth is of all the “celebrities”. Like that “influencer” with over a million followers who doesn’t exactly look like the photos she posts on Instagram when other media takes her photo….curious. 

I’m assuming people take 50 pictures sometimes to get the one they actually post. 

My rule is, if I’ve taken 3 and the magic hasn’t happened, I’m not having a good day. Try again tomorrow. 

I try to put some flattering pics of myself up, but also include the silly ones where I don’t look as good. I think most are the latter and I don’t mind because it’s the truth. I hope people can see that balance and appreciate that. I don’t care about looking a little silly, its the real me. 

Keeping it real.

Let’s all start showing our truth. I’d rather put mediocre pictures up and have people be pleasantly surprised when they see me IRL than see the disappointment on their faces when I don’t actually look like my profile pic. 


I Finally Accomplished A New Years Resolution–Reading!

Last year I realized that I’m ALWAYS on my phone so in an effort to detach, one of my resolutions was to read at least 10 books. I think I read books before 2019 but I couldn’t really remember. Mostly I would read them on my Kindle app on my phone but that was distracting because oh there’s a text, look at that FB notification, did I post on Instagram today…you get my point?

woman in white t shirt holding smartphone in front of laptop
This is probably what I look like 15 hours of the day. Sorry.          Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

I always did most of my reading during lunch when I would sit outside to get out of the building but I needed to put in extra efforts to read actual paper books and at home instead of watching TV. Then it hit me, THE LIBRARY! I used to go to the library all the time–why did I forget that you can read books for FREE there and not have to buy them? 

Well I finally kept a resolution. Instead of reading 10 which was my goal, I read 25!

It was a good run and my goal this year is to read at least 25 since I know I can do it. Here’s my list for 2019. I’ve really been into learning more about health and wellness as you can see and I joined an online cookbook club as well:

1. The Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam

Kicking off the year. This book was supposed to be about how a teacher ended up building wealth and quitting his job and the text was to be accessible to the everyday man. It had its moments but overall was a bit drab. And I’m still not totally sure how investing works. 

2. The Inventor (Book 4) by Emily Organ

The Penny Green Series. I think there might be 6 or 7 books total. I love them. Victorian England, a strong independent woman, and mysteries to solve. All my favorite things. 

3. Discovering the Hidden Wisdom of the Little Prince by Pierre Lassus

The Little Prince is one of my favorite books so it was nice to learn more about the author and how his life influenced his writing. He was actually a really interesting man and I now want to read his other books as well. 

4. Mindset by Carol Dweck

This was an accidental re-read. I got this book from work (thanks for the gift?) and started reading it. Then the stories sounded familiar and when I checked my bookshelf I had it. Must’ve read it 8 years ago so I read it again to brush up.

5. The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Ruben

It was interesting to learn about 4 different groupings of people’s personalities and how they work with each other. My problem with the author is that she doesn’t have any psychology or medical research background and it’s really based on her own classifications. That would be like me writing my own book about grouping all the people I’ve met over the years. Damn, why didn’t I write this book first. 

6. The Plant Paradox by Dr. Stephen R Gundry and the cookbook (bonus book so I should be at 26 really)

Heard this guy on a podcast and figured I would read his book. I’ve been reading a lot of health and wellness books the last few years because no one way of eating truly seems to work so I’m determined to do all the research and Frankenstein my own. If it works, I will sell it and become rich. I don’t believe his theory 100%, especially since another book refutes his theory of Lectins but there are some good tips and info backed with medical evidence (since he’s a real doctor) and some good recipes. It is helpful as I start to become more Plant Based in my eating.

7. Talking As Fast As I can by Lauren Graham

At this point I needed to get away from research books and taking notes. If you don’t know Lauren was the mother on Gilmore Girls. It was a light, interesting read about her life.

8. Undeniable: Evolution and The Science of Creation by Bill Nye

Back to the heavy stuff. Nye. Although he makes it easy for the everyday man to read, it was still heavy. I didn’t realize how many people out there don’t believe in evolution. 

9. Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams

Keep an open mind. The gist is that certain plants and herbs are able to heal our bodies even for ailments people think are incurable. Does he claim that he has a spirit guide who has been speaking to him since he was young and able to help him diagnose people? Yes. 

Does his theory that what we put into our bodies affect the way we feel pan out? Yes. 

There is nothing he says that’s insane and he claims that certain medical things have not been identified by the medical community yet. It will be interesting when 20 years from now they start saying the same things as him and we find out it was all true. 

It all makes sense and there were times I nodded my head especially after having doctors says there was nothing wrong with me when I was sick for 6 months. As far as I know he doesn’t own stock in celery and the celery juice craze was started by him. I sure feel better after I have it. So maybe he’s right. 

10. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder

You want to be a millionaire then do what millionaires do. Oh, excuse me, Billionaire. 

This author went through his whole life. Very long book but very informative and an easy read. I’m a bit more business savvy just learning about how he dealt with things.

11. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Could 2019 conclude without a little Kondo in my life? I watched the Netflix show at the start of the year and then re-watched it when we moved in March. We purged a lot in the move (could I have gotten rid of some more? Probably.) and my drawers were banging. 

12. Everyday Millionaire by Chris Hogan

Copy here what I said about millionaires. This study was done by using net worth millionaires around the country. It was really interesting to find that the top 3 professions who were millionaires were as follows: Engineer, Accountant, Teacher. 

Most millionaires had not inherited their wealth. 

This book looked at what to do to become a millionaire as well as dispel myths about them. Quick easy read. 

13. Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

Who doesn’t want joy. I don’t know if I totally have it yet but I’m working on it.

14. The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner

My obsession. The Blue Zones are the 5 areas in the world where people live the longest. This guy studies what they ate and what they did. Some things crossover, some things are specific to the region. But overall, they found a mostly plant-based diet, non-strenuous exercise everyday like walking, and having a group of friends to interact and share meals with can add years onto your lifespan. Also drink a glass of Sardinian wine a day. I can get behind that. 

15. The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner

Well, if I’m living to 100 then I should be happy. This expanded on the specific zones but also how they created mini-zones around the United States with the Blue Zone project. It was fascinating to see that giving people knowledge and ACCESS to healthier options in their community lead to an increase in healthy lifestyle and habits. It’s not about making people do things, they have to have access to do them. Are you going to drive an hour to a gym or do you have access to a walking/biking bath one block away from your house? I wish the Bronx was better at that. We have no real park by where I live and the park they did build is in the middle of the closest Project. 

16. The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

Not only am I looking for clean eating but I’m looking for clean living as well. We have no idea how many toxins we are exposed to every day and I learned a ton from this book. I’ve always been indifferent to Alba but I have a newfound admiration that she’s trying to make the world a little better with her products. 

17. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat

I joined an online book club with Kitchn and this was the first book we did. There is also a Netflix show as well. The book was informative and I made a couple of recipes. They were good but I usually don’t use that much butter, oil, and fats in my cooking. Will save it for special occasions. 

18. Indian-ish by Priya Krishna

2nd book of cookbook club. I’ve always been into Asian cooking but have only eaten Indian food twice in my life. This was a really good book with lots of recipes that are easy to make. I had to buy quite a few spices in the beginning but worth it because I know I’ll make more recipes from the book. 

19. Snoop by Sam Gosling

I was looking forward to reading this book but going back to do the review now, I’m not sure if I learned anything profound. He is an expert in looking at people’s things and making determinations about their personality and life. I enjoyed reading it but can’t tell you anything that blew my mind. I guess that’s not a good sign. 

20. The world of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

This book. Intense, massive, beautiful. I’ve been trying to read this book for 3 years. Not only is it massive (in thickness and general size) but there are a lot of words to digest. It goes into the history of each house and gives you family trees. I finished it right before the last season of Game of Thrones and according to the family tree, I thought I knew how everyone was intertwined. It looks like they went in another direction and I wonder if that wasn’t Martin’s intention. If he ever finishes the books maybe we’ll find out. 

21. Elements of Family Style (Elegant Spaces for EveryDay Life) by Erin Gates

Before this year I’ve been reading a ton about interior design. I can’t believe this is the only design book of the year! Lots of pictures and inspiration but I think her first book was way better.

22. Genesis War (book 3) by Eliza Green

Another series I found on Kindle for free. I’m obsessed with this series. It should be a movie. I can see it in my mind so clearly and I’m not sure how no one else knows about this. The problem is that only I should star and direct it because anyone else would surely fuck it up and I can’t have this be another ‘P.S. I Love you’ fiasco. 

23. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey  

Downton Abbey. If you don’t like this, we can’t be friends. The movie was a perfect goodbye and every other show who tries to do a spinoff or movie years later should take notes from them. I digress. It was interesting to see what the show pulled from reality (barely anything) and what actually happened (her husband, Lord Carnarvon, was the purse to Howard Carter’s expedition and actually one of the first to see the Tut tomb!).

24. Sister Pie by Lisa Ludwinski

Book 3 of cookbook club. This was a great challenge to me since baking is my weakness in the kitchen. I don’t like all the wait time, the mess, the exact measurements. I have no patience. But it was a good challenge and I’m glad I did it. I made my own crust for the first time in my life and it wasn’t terrible. If I have time I would definitely make some recipes in the future. You know, if I have like 36 hours to let things rest and chill and roll and cool and….

25. The Blue Zone Cookbook by Dan Buettner

Fitting for the last book of the year is the book I’ve been waiting for. I think the release day was in November and it quickly sold out. Thankfully my mom got one of the 2nd round of publications and it was one of my Christmas presents. I think I’ve already made like 5 recipes and my goal for 2020 is to make every single recipe from the book. It’s been helpful in becoming more Plant Based for 2020. 

book shelves book stack bookcase books
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Well, that’s my 25 for 2019.

My goal for 2020 is at least 25 since I know that I CAN do that many books. 

Any good books you read this year? Comment below to help me compile my list for the new year. 


AMENDMENT: I read 26! After posting this I realized that there was a book I read that I never wrote down!

26. Idiots Guide to Ayurveda by Sahara Rose

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga originating in India 5000 years ago. It was a lot to take in and I had to start reading it over just to make sure I got it. It was interesting to learn about the different Dosha’s and how it affects our physiology, health and being. I still need a refresher course because it IS a lot. One takeaway: their way of eating is more plant based. I’m starting to see a trend in my research…

You Have A Favorite Child. Admit It.

Ok, ok. I lied in November. Life got busy again and I was scrambling to finish my resolutions the last 2 weeks of the year. I would give myself a B in sticking to them for 2019. Planning to be better this year.

One of my resolutions for this year is to blog 3-4 posts per month. I would say once a week but there’s always going to be a week that gets away from me and then I’ll feel bad I didn’t sit to write.

Next post will be about my other resolution I was really proud of achieving: reading books! I’ve been glued to my phone for so many years I forgot to read. Also I forgot about the library too and that I didn’t need to buy all the books I wanted to read. Plus my husband wouldn’t have let them in the house.

scrabble resolutions
Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com


I will open the year with this:

If you’re a parent you have a favorite child. Admit it. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

photograph of happy children
Which one is it? It’s the one on the back left, right? Same.                 Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

A few weeks ago, we started a conversation in the office about having a favorite child when someone timidly said, afraid of how it would be received, “You know, you do have a preference”. 

At first people were apprehensive to say something, but once we started talking, people opened up. I always felt like this—people who say they don’t have a preference of a child is lying. We have a preference for everything:

Chocolate or vanilla

Red or Green

Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise

Once we agreed that we aren’t saying you LOVE them less, people were quick to admit their preference when we posed this question:

If you could go to brunch right now with one of them, who would it be?

Most people quickly responded and their reasoning was:

They’re the easier one. No drama, can just hang out. 

If you have kids, you’re thinking about it right now and picked your brunch date, didn’t you?

It’s not a bad thing, but I don’t understand why everyone is so scared to say things like this. Our relationships would all be stronger if we could just be more honest with each other. 

“Hey boss, you’re very controlling and micromanaging and I think you have to leave the office early one of these nights, like before 7pm, and get a hobby. Don’t you want to travel or go relax or read a book or feel the sun on your face?” (Ah, I feel so good now)

That would be so helpful in making everyone become a better person if we could just be honest. Don’t be afraid, go ahead and say it. 

Hi. I’m Alive.

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.com

Well, I guess I failed when I resolved to write 3 times a week back in January.

Life happened. We scrambled in February to move in March. Found an apartment last minute which was a blessing since I was ready to have a nervous breakdown with my loud neighbors. I took the next couple of months to get used to our new set up, my longer (and more annoying) commute, and to figure out how to decorate the place.

I’m so much happier here and I’ve gotten A LOT of sleep which is amazing.

I just couldn’t find the motivation to sit down and post this year. I’m ready to get back in the swing of things though. By mid-November I’ll have a post up and I plan on being less ambitious than before..3 posts per week?! Who was I kidding. Who was going to be cooking dinner those days!

I think I’m going to post once a week, maybe Wednesdays. And I’ll try to be more consistent. I’ve done A LOT of reading in the last 9 months so hopefully I’ll have some fun and exciting things to say.

I definitely would like to focus on talking about money and life. Our travel has slowed down for this year and the next but hopefully will pick back up in 2021. Maybe we’ll even get to go somewhere exciting.

Just wanted to tell the cyber world that I’m still alive and like the Terminator who is gracing us with his presence once again starting today (whether we asked for it or not) I’ll be back.